The app that stores all your pet data.

Have you ever looked for information about your pet and couldn’t find it? Did your vet need some important information and you didn’t have the papers? … Cogui gives you the solution to these and many other problems.



These are the main features of Cogui. We continue working to bring more and better features.

My pet

Save all the important data of your pet.

My vet

It is important to always have the information of your veterinarian at hand.


Don’t forget to take your pet to the vet. Write down all the queries and don’t worry, Cogui will send you a reminder of the date and time. In addition, it will keep a history of consultations with the vet.


Keep a history of diseases that your pet suffers or has suffered.


Monitor your pet’s health by keeping its deworming history.

Emergency kit

It is important to know where to go in an emergency. We provide you with a tool to find your pet in case it gets lost.


If your pet needs any medication, register everything in the app and let Cogui notify you. Do not let you forget to administer your pet’s medication; if it is important for you, for Cogui too.


Does your pet have any allergies? No problem, save all allergies, their level of risk and their treatment. Having the most sensitive information about your pet on hand is very important.


Write down which vaccine your pet needs and the app will warn you so you don’t miss the vaccination. In addition, you can keep a history of all the vaccinations that have been given to your pet.


Are you going on a trip and will your pet accompany you? Cogui helps you to not forget to bring anything of your pet.

More Features coming soon...

We continue working to bring more and better features.

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