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Terms of Use & Privacy Policy.

Rodrigo Jiménez operates the website and the Cogui mobile application (the “Service”).

The app is made available to you on an “as in”, “with all faults and “as available” basis. I cannot guarantee that the app will function or maintain the same level of service in the future. That is applicable for paid users.

Please read this section carefully since it limits the liability of Cogui.

By downloading Cogui, your use of the app is at your own discretion and risk. Cogui makes no claims or promises with respect to the quality, the accuracy or reliability of the app, its safety or security, or its content.

Cogui offers the ability for users to contact me via inside the app. By using this feature you authorize me to store your email in a way that will allow me to contact you via email in a reactive manner. I will not send unwanted emails but I might contact you directly via email if you send me a feedback or suggestion via the app or if you email me directly.

Why do I need to collect and process some of your data?

I only collect your email if you contact me.

What kind of data are stored?

Cogui does not keep any kind of personal or pet information.

A. Personally identifiable data:

Email address (in some cases)

I have a question about my data

If you have a question about this privacy and how your email are collected, used and stored when you use Cogui, please feel free to write to me from this link. and let me know how I can help you.

Changes & updates

If Cogui makes changes to Terms and Conditions or Privacy Policy, these changes will be posted on this page in a timely manner. We reserve the right to modify these terms & conditions and/or privacy policy at any time, so please review it frequently (at least on every app update).